About Ginny

Our meeting is not an accident., we are here by design to touch each other’s lives.

Here’s a little bit about my life: I’ve been blessed beyond measure with my husband of 40+ plus years, four married children, and six grand children.They have loved me in spite of myself and have influenced my walk. Home and Jesus are the center of my heart.

It’s my hope and prayer that our relationship will grow and that somehow you’ll be encouraged, feel loved and supported as we laugh, cry, and pray together.
Thanks for joining me on the journey.


3 thoughts on “About Ginny

  1. Oh, sweet Ginny! How blessed I am to know you! I have been reading your site and I have to say I LOVE it! PLEASE, PLEASE keep writing. I know the Lord of Lord’s has placed HIS story in your heart so that you can be a light to those who grace the pages of this blog. I am praying for you…most veryday. I am looking forward to seeing the Freedom that comes from your story.

    Love to you, Sweet New Friend!


  2. I just decided to search for you today. How nice to see your smiling face and hear that you are happy, as am I. Since I retired, we moveded to Pittsburgh. Mike has taught online fo rmany years, giving us that flexibility. Our draw was, of course, the kids and grandkids. Janeen and John live not far away with their two cats and dog, and Stacy lives about the same distance with her husband and two children–and a load of pets. She’s Dr. Doolittle. Matt lives with us, and he will no doubt for some time, but that’s not a bad thing. You look wonderful.


  3. Hi my sweet friend Ginny.i was sitting here this morning looking out my window at the SNOW we got here in North Carolina. i just happened 2 ck on u my friiend Ginny & came across ur site.you made me laugh & think of our memories almost 43 yrs ago when we met in Jersey.I LOVE you my friend. i enjoy soo much reading ur stories.wish i could tell the stories of my life with such grace as you. God Bless You:-)


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