Awakened by a Unicorn

The Country Mice Head to the Big Apple
The Country Mice Head to the Big Apple

You have to agree, most women my age are not awakened in the middle of the night by a unicorn. She is soft and fluffy with a rainbow colored mane and tail and blue eyes that are always looking for adventure.

But she really should be sleeping now!

And so should I!

But . . . . .

Ulyanna Unicorn, pronounced “You’ll-ee-Anna”, came to live with us a year ago when two of my “grands” asked me to tell them a story while they ate their lunch.

Prior to that I had never ever told a make believe story. I always marveled at people who could do that, just make up a story. How do they do that? My 70th birthday is crashing in on me like an out-of-control freight train but up until age 68 the only stories I could ever tell were ones I’d memorized or recounting real life experiences. From my point of view telling a make believe story was like the artist who paints a picture from their imagination, with no photo or picture to copy. Or the composer who hears a song in his head that no one else has ever heard.

And then came Ulyanna!

She just burst forth in living color and along the way has invited a number of her animal friends to join her. There’s Billy the Bluebird, he’s a constant companion and lives with her in the stable that’s snuggled against the castle at the top of Mt. Imagine.

Freddy the Frog, Tommy the Turtle, Gus the Seagull, and the twin mice, Minerva and Mergatroid (who always wear polka dot dresses) join them in their first seven adventures. In their eighth, they get assistance from Kitty Cat (nicknamed KC) and her friend Ted E. Bear (whose real name is Theodore).

As a child many of the stories that were read to me had a lesson of some kind woven into the text. They would often end with, “And the moral of the story is . . . .” In each of Ulyanna’s stories, she and her friends impart Character Qualities to their readers like Faithfulness, Resourcefulness, Compassion, Kindness and Generosity to name a few.

I would LOVE to have these stories published and to that end, hubby and I are trekking to NYC for a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference. It’s both an exciting and intimidating prospect. It’s our hope and prayer that someone else will fall in love with this little band of animals and show us how to get them into the hands of children.

We have much to learn.


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