Leave the Light on in the Closet

It’s time for bed and I am so tempted to leave the light on in the closet! I even briefly considered sleeping there.

I want to see who is putting their wash in my laundry basket each night!

Laundry is admittedly my favorite of household tasks, but really, where does it come from? There are only two of us living here!

I don’t change the towels every day like one of my friends. I don’t use a new table cloth on my table each day like another. I don’t even switch out my dish cloths and dish towels daily. Yes, we do wear clean undies, but they can’t fill a basket.

I’m telling you, we need to leave the light on so the hanky panky stops in there!

Yesterday I did all the wash except for two of hubby’s shirts. Tonight it’s spilling over its edges and we weren’t even home all day.

The reason laundry is my favorite task is because it’s measurable. The stuff goes in all crumpled and rumpled, swishes around in the suds, comes out of the washer wet and wrinkled and goes into the dryer. When the dryer beeps at me (with that obnoxious sound that it has! It should be programable like ringtones on a phone!) I grab out each piece and fold it or hang it. Whatever it takes to keep from having to iron it. Though I have an iron, I would rather not have to spend any time becoming closely acquainted.

And viola! there on top of the dryer are neat little stacks of towels and tee shirts, pillow cases and panties, socks and slacks. Measurable – evidence of what I did with my time. It’s not like scrubbing the bathtub, as soon as you shower it’s dirty again. You wash up all the dishes, but then you eat and they’re sitting in the sink or accumulating in the dishwasher.

So if you’re guilty of sneaking in during the night and filling that basket, you can stop now.

I’ve had enough fun for this week!


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