Epic Fail – Underpacking


IMG_1022Birkdale Mall, Charlotte, NC

It’s like an experiment – only NOT!

I tried the whole “underpacking” thing for a long weekend to visit our daughter in North Carolina.

Six days, right? The prerequisite there is that you be able to count to SIX! Math was never my strong point, but really folks, this should be possible.

Did you ever have the feeling, “I got this!” Going to bed the night before the trip I was certain that I had all my proverbial ducks in a proverbial row. They were lined up and saluting.

Then came morning, where I had the clothes for the day laid out neatly. The lists were checked and double checked. The car was packed. Actually, the car was P-A-C-K-E-D! And this was the “underpacked” version of a trip to NC.

Forget the options the girls said I needed. I took just the essentials, plus a box full of books for homeschooling, some groceries to cover the Celiac disease situation, just a few prizes for the littles, a couple of snacks (perhaps a few snacks) and sunscreen just in case.

My thinking at the outset was that we would come home again lighter than air, leaving behind all the excess baggage that would stay in NC.

I don’t know why I always fantasize this way, it never happens!

By the end of the weekend I realized my “underpacking” had one giant flaw. If you’re going to be away SIX days, you should take SIX days worth of clothes.


Yeah, good thing my girl’s house comes equipped with a washer and a dryer!

Next trip, I’m back to “OVERpacking” – it didn’t seem to make a difference in the return trip anyway. We still filled the car with the treats we found in NC.

It’s a good thing memories don’t take up any space —– we wouldn’t have been able to close the doors!


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