Overpacking vs. Underpacking

IMG_1032It can go either way.

You arrive at your destination and someone says, “Oh, did we forget to mention the indoor pool? Sorry.” There you are with your ski pants and scarves, mittens, gloves and boots. All set to play in the snow!

Or the reverse is also true.You bring your swimsuit, snorkel and mask tucked neatly inside the ski pants and scarves. Possibly you might need some light reading for in the evening so you throw in the book you’ve almost finished, but “What if it rains?” Better throw in another novel just in case. Of course you don’t want to forget your Study Bible with notebook and pen. Then you remember that the destination doesn’t have a quick market nearby, so you just might need a couple snacks, or three! Surely the hotel will have first aid supplies, but what if they don’t. Might as well take some aspirin, bandaids and antibacterial ointment. You never know – be prepared – just like the Boy Scouts! My daughters always tell me, “A girls gotta have OPTIONS!” Better take a sweater AND a jacket.

By the time you’ve finished lugging the suitcase through the airport, you find you owe the airline employee an additional $75 for extra weight and OPTIONS! Do you (1. bargain with her, (2.throw some clothes in the trash, or (3. have them sent back to your house via UPS in the box they so graciously provide for a mere $74.95?

It’s always a question.

Years ago I packed up my family of six for a week long trip to the beach. Food, medicine, suntan gizmos, play clothes, good clothes, sleep clothes, books, games, camera, stuffed animals, pillows!

We should have rented a U-Haul!

Just as we were about to pull out, our friend, Jackie ran out to the car to say goodbye. She tapped my hubby on the shoulder and said, ”Nice shirt, Jer, is it new?”

In stunned silence I stared at him with my mouth wide open. “What?” he said.

“Uh, —– I’ll just be a minute. Keep the car running!

I FORGOT TO PACK HIM A-N-Y CLOTHES! He had the clothes on his back and a pair of swim trunks for a week at the beach.

Overpack vs. Underpack – It’s always a toss up!

I’m so glad God is going to take care of all those details for eternity when we are finally HOME!


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