Not Now

Sitting by the pool on this sunny, cloudless day, I heard her speak to me,

even though she’d passed on to her heavenly reward years ago.

Her voice still resonated in my ears and I was transported back 30 some years. She sat beside me in the wide open yellow playroom listening to music as my two-year-old danced at our feet.

“Mommy, dance with me!”

My reply,

“Not now.”

Again she pleaded and again,

“Not now.”

And then it happened.

The whisper thin frame of the 80 year old lady, with her long silver hair wrapped around her head in a braid like a crown, got to her feet. Holding hands with my youngest, she danced a little jig and said,

“She won’t ALWAYS ask you to dance.”

In a matter of moments, the three year old was on to other adventures – but she had danced and laughed.

So today, when my eight year old grand asked me to swim, I remembered,

“She won’t ALWAYS ask you to swim.”

B-r-r-r-r-r! The water was frigid, but the smiles were warm.

IMG_4148Making memories…………collecting them in a “Memory Scrapbook” in my head.

Thank you, Mimi!




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