Math: The Other Useless Subject

IMG_1384I am being totally facetious!  The older I get, the more I wish I’d paid closer attention in math class.

Seriously, my youngest daughter and I are both mathematically challenged.  Between us if we’re in a restaurant and the bill for this person is so much, and the bill for the other is different, and we want to pay for a third person’s meal and leave a tip – we’re stumped.

Stumped like, “Just give the waitress our wallets and let her pick out what she needs to cover the bill, then give us the change.”

Recently we wanted to make strawberry jam.  Directions were pretty straight forward until it came to “for 2 eight ounce containers”.  We had 12 ounce containers.  Hmm!  Then it spoke of using 2 1/3 cups.  We wanted to make 6 containers.  Six containers, a third cup, eight ounce containers – there appeared no common denominator.

Literally, it took us longer to do the math, than it did to make the jelly.  We have a chart now that’s been sealed away in a locked box so we never have to do that math again.

At least that’s what we thought, then we read the directions for another kind of fruit.  Different fruit, different combinations.

We just laughed.

It may not be perfect jam, but it was perfectly fun!

Can’t wait to make some more.


One thought on “Math: The Other Useless Subject

  1. You just had to attach my picture, huh? I had so much fun and still laugh about it. Thank you for teaching me how to be so domesticated!


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