It arrives about the same time as hay fever and is just as annoying. I’m operating on approximately two hours of sleep so please forgive any misteaks in punkuasion and spelling.

The cause, coming in close contact with a brightly colored yellow plastic bag. At all other times of the year, if you can find these bags at all, they’re on an obscure clearance shelf or relegated to the bottom most corner where the light doesn’t touch their delightful graphics.

Finally they make their appearance in the Spring of the year along with the pansies, the daffodils, the tulips and the dreaded pollen. Suddenly they’re right up there with the main attractions; the chocolate bunnies step aside for them, the tinfoil covered eggs greet them with a cheery hello, and any competitors just give a respectful, “Hey.”

In the last year or so, packaging has changed. The market has obviously expanded. Now they’re designated as “Original”, “Tropical”, and my all time favorite, “Reds”. Hence the sleeplessness.

Since I turned fifty, caffeine and red affect me just like they do some six year olds. Sleeplessness.

It doesn’t matter how often I tell my brain to shut down. Rolling over, punching my pillow, pacing, reading my Bible, watching an ancient of days black and white movie for lack of better programming, even writing doesn’t allow me to go to sleep when I’ve overindulged in this package’s tasty morsels.

I love “Starburst Jellybeans”!!!! They are the perfect combination of sweet and sour. When my kids were all at home, they used to lore me into a trap with the new extremely sour hard candies that were on the market. “Here mom, taste this, you’ll love it.” I’m a sucker for a piece of candy and, trusting my little darlings, obliged their request. Whoever invented a Warhead, or a piece of candy that tastes like puke. That’s nasty! They split their sides in gales of laughter and imitations of mom, while I ran to the garbage disposal!

But Starburst has a corner on the market for jellybeans in my book. I just have to be ready to stay up all night. I might consider giving them up, but not yet. There’s still some in the candy dish and they’re so pretty. And they’re on sale for half price after Easter. What’s not to like about that!

If you’re up at two in the morning reading these ramblings, let me know why. I may be up too, we can chat!


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